UX/UI Research


Bus stops and their effect on student behavior:

A user research project that included field observations, user interviews, and a survey

Bus Stop Field Study Report 

Bus Stop 

Interview Plan

Bus Stop Interview

Top Line Report 

Bus Stop Survey Plan

Bus Stop Survey 

Results Presentation 

Human Centered Pizza:

A study to evaluate Domino’s online ordering process and figure out what can be done to improve the experience for users


Human Centered Pizza Usability Study Plan

Human Centered Pizza Project Proposal

Human Centered Pizza Project Declaration

Human Centered Pizza Usability Test Kit

Human Centered Pizza Final Report

Human Centered Pizza Final Presentation Slides

Human Centered Pizza Usability Test Preliminary Results

UX/UI Design


How to Knit:

A XD mockup of a tutorial on how to kit used to learn about critique and user evaluation

How to Knit Web Prototype 

How to Knit 

Usability Testing Report 

How to Knit

Initial Sketches

Pretty Penny:

A graphic design project based around taking a single toy and making it a campaign


Pretty Penny Black and White Graphic

Pretty Penny Color Graphic

Pretty Penny Initial Sketches

Pretty Penny Color Ad